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I am a solo game developer for Windows and Android-based out of Richmond, Virginia. As a designer whose background lies in both fine arts and industrial design, I try to balance fun, function, and design all in equal amounts to create genuinely unique gaming experiences. Tessa's Ark is a visual novel style RPG that eschews the standard JRPG or ARPG combat style in favor of a puzzle based design, allowing for challenging gameplay without the constant overtures to violence in most games. Combined with a thought-provoking and intriguing plot, and a unique New-Age inspired art style, Tessa's Ark is a spiritual journey of loss and personal discovery. A huge thanks to the folks at both Yoyo Games for their fine Gamemaker Studio 2 Software, and Adobe Inc. for their Creative Cloud Suite of software, which are both used extensively in the creation of my projects, and Grammarly for the help of their software.



Richmond, VA, USA

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